October 29, 2012

Almost ok to talk about......right?!

Ps. I know its October... but i had to share these.....cute!

Noeud Papillons Back!

Hello Noeudpappers!

First of all, sorry that this blog is in English, almost four years in France and you'd think i'd have got the hang of writing in French... My spoken french is passable but i have read many "translated" fashion blogs that make me cringe so i'm not going to put you through it.

I've been working rather hard on new bows for the sitewww.noeudpapillon.com, you'll see that they're well, fatter. I've added a bit of padding so that they hold their shape better. They also have a second layer of fabric which helps them hold shape better. This should get us through the winter months!

This is margot. I love her. Find her on the site.

I also made some clip on bows for boys and girls. The idea was born as i have endless demands for 'real' Noeud Papillons. I am actually brewing up some 'vrais' which shall be up soon. In the meantime, the clip ons are possibly easier to wear for those who don't have the time to nouer!

Here is the video i made to launch this collection.

So what do you think?!

October 27, 2010


Solene m'envoyé un photo, c'est hyper mimi!!x
 x Merci Soléne!

Site Update!

Ive made all the pictures all bright and shiney!

How better to celebrate than to make a few more!!!! x

My favourite at the moment is this one....so mimi!

October 7, 2010

So i was on M6's 100%mag....

This is brilliant for NP and for me! Im really happy with all the feedback and comments since the emission...so pleased i popped straight out to treat NP to some new fabric... check this out!!!

Not sure whether to do some big bow brooches with it, or just super super small cutesy ones to pin on lapels, cuffs, shoes etc!